E-mail di Marchionne ai dipendenti Chrysler

come italiano ho letto con un senso di orgoglio la mail che Sergio Marchionne, amministratore delegato di Fiat ( sito web) e ora CEO ( definizione Answers) di Chrysler ( sito web) ha inviato il 10 giugno 2009 ai dipendenti Chrysler:

Five years ago, I stepped into a very similar situation at Fiat. It was perceived by many as a failing, lethargic automaker that produced low-quality cars and was stymied by endless bureaucracies. But most of the people capable of remaking Fiat had been there all the time. Through hard work and tough choices, we have remade Fiat into a profitable company that produces some of the most popular, reliable and environmentally friendly cars in the world. We created a far more efficient company while investing heavily in our technologies and platforms. And, importantly, we created a culture where everyone is expected to lead.

ogni giorno vorrei leggere delle mail come questa.


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