Soggetto, verbo e oggetto

forse avrei dovuto scrivere “complemento oggetto” ma tu mi hai capito e comunque il titolo di New York Times era “He Wants Subjects, Verbs and Objects“.  E’ un’intervista a Richard Anderson, amministratore delegato di Delta Airlines: una compagnia aerea di 70.000 dipendenti. Se sei uno studente universitario faresti bene a leggere quello che dice Anderson. Qualche snapshot:

  • I’ve learned to be patient and not lose my temper.
  • …don’t bring a Rubik’s cube to the table, unless you have an idea on how you’re going to try to get an answer.
  • More and more, the ability to speak well and write is important. You know, writing is not something that is taught as strongly as it should be in the educational curriculum. So you’re looking for communication skills.
  • I don’t think PowerPoints help people think as clearly as they should because you don’t have to put a complete thought in place. You can just put a phrase with a bullet in front of it. And it doesn’t have a subject, a verb and an object, so you aren’t expressing complete thoughts.

Mi fermo qui se no non vai a leggerti l’intervista e perdi una chanche per imparare cose che all’università non ti insegneranno mai.


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